Strategic Vision à la Spointra / by Cristian Mitreanu

Showcasing an important advantage of the theory presented in the book “Spointra and the Secret of Business Success” over the typical strategic thinking -- namely, relativity to human nature versus relativity to time -- this brief animation (1:50 min) illustrates how an individual employing Spointra’s theory would see a firm’s quest for enduring success. Enjoy!

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NOTE: To enjoy the video, you don't need detailed knowledge of Spointra's theory. Nonetheless, if you are interested, the animation depicts a Type II organization (i.e., IBM, Accenture) attempting to sustain the Ofmos Portfolio Alignment over an indefinite period of time. While the organization’s Focus (the intended business approach) is fixed relative to the customer’s problem solving behavior “Designing Issue-Solutions,” ofmos (virtual entities defined by an offering and a set of customers with the same behavior relative to the offering) are added to and deleted from the organization's ofmos portfolio in an attempt to keep the commoditizing Center (the emerging business approach) aligned with the Focus.