Referenced in Upcoming Book "Strategy and the Fat Smoker" / by Cristian Mitreanu

My MIT Sloan Management Review article "Is Strategy a Bad Word?" will be referenced in David Maister's upcoming book "Strategy and the Fat Smoker." To be released in January 2008, the book brings together articles that David, a renowned consultant and former Harvard Business School professor, wrote over the past few years. Nevertheless, the bound galley shows that the articles have been slightly reworked and formatted to serve the main purpose of the book -- to offer practical advice on how to overcome short-term temptations and go after enduring corporate health. Simply put, the book shows you how to "get the fat smoker on the diet."

David previously referenced "Is Strategy a Bad Word?" in his article "What's Our Deal?" (also a chapter in the book), and in his blog entry "What IF There's No Final Whistle?" Although its release was fittingly timed to coincide with the New-Year-resolutions season, the book can be pre-ordered now at