My Human Nature Article Gets "Must Read" / by Cristian Mitreanu

My article "A Business-Relevant View of Human Nature" has been recently recommended by Stephan Zimmermann, professor and former department chair for economics, whose blog "No Widgets Here" is part of the online economics magazine Amateur Economists. In the comments section of his post "Dominant Economic Views in Western Society, Part II," Professor Zimmermann says (bold type is mine):

Cristian - your article should be a “must read” for all of our “Amateur Economists” readers. Obviously I agree with your concept of “successful existence,” which really cannot (or should not) be reduced to a pat formula, economic or otherwise. This might even, as you suggest, include maximizing, as long as the inherent dangers of such maximization are considered.

In his article "Turning Bright Lights on the Dismal Science," Prof. Zimmermann explains one of the reasons a deep insight into human nature is important:

Economics is just another method of trying to solve the age-old question of what, how and to whom to distribute finite resources. [...]

Ever since Adam Smith, the foundations of economics have been presented as scientific fact. The facts presented as economics are really two: an assumption regarding the nature of man as well as a strict belief and usage of logic. Unless someone can show an alternative to thousands of years of developed logic based on fact, we should be able to live with that assumption. More difficult, of course, and subject to endless debate is the assumption regarding the nature of mankind. [...]

Too many would-be economists in graduate school or beyond may never really have had asked themselves about the fundamental nature of man.

Once we understand and accept the essentials of mankind, bolstered with valid facts, we should be able to look at the “dismal science” with a much brighter perspective.
— Stephan Zimmermann