Online Presence Humanizing / by Cristian Mitreanu


Putting a human face on a web-based initiative is a relatively new trend. And I am talking about the abundance of casual photos of the individual or team behind the initiative. Sure, lawyers and real estate agents have been using photos as part of business for decades. But to call those photos casual would be quite a stretch.

As it is often the case, technology is to blame. The proliferation of broadband and the emergence of the so-called web 2.0 technologies have been the main drivers behind this trend. However, there is a more subtle, yet better, story behind all this -- the personal business is rising (see more on this here).

This being said, I too decided to humanize my three-year-old online presence ( went live in May 2004). So, a new, artsier website,, went live today. Check it out!