Looking for a Game Developer / by Cristian Mitreanu

Just posted this announcement at GameDev.net. Please feel free to forward the information if you know someone that might be interested -- thanks!

Are you a Game Developer? Or a Programmer with passion for video games? If so, keep reading.

My name is Cristian Mitreanu, and I am the founder of the research initiative RedefiningStrategy.com. I am looking for a Game Developer/Programmer/Collaborator to help me develop the prototype for a 2-D casual game (a coffee-break game in the same category as Tetris and Pac-Man), inspired by the business theory that I published at BizBigPic.com (August 2006) and in my book, "Spointra and the Secret of Business Success" (April 2007). In brief, the game will mimic what a top executive that employs this theory would do in order to achieve enduring success for his or her business. A 10-slide presentation of the theory can be downloaded at www.RedefiningStrategy.com/TheoryOfBusiness.pdf. More related information is available at BizBigPic.com, BizBigPic.com/CristianMitreanu (this blog), RedefiningStrategy.com, and Spointra.com.

The prototype can be developed in C++, Flash, or any other programming language that you are proficient in. If you are already working with a game engine, you can use that as well. However, the prototype should run on most personal computers -- Windows XP compatibility is a must, and additional Apple OS X compatibility (additional file) is preferred.

Since the prototype will focus solely on the game mechanics, I estimate that the project could be finished in a matter of days, maybe weeks (part-time days or weeks, of course).

The prototype will be used to raise money for the completion of the game and its further developments, which have the potential to revolutionize not only business education, but how businesses are run. So, long story short, by working on this project, you can become part of an exciting startup with a lot of potential. Nonetheless, I might be able to cover some of your expenses.

This project is a "work for hire" engagement, which means that I will own the copyright for the prototype (code and executable/s). In addition, there will be a Service Contract and a Non-Disclosure Agreement to sign. And on a broader note, there is a patent pending for a business method and system based on my theory.

If you are interested, please send me your resume, references, samples of work, and anything else that would show your skill and fit for this project. Of course, previous experience in game development is important, but I will consider other programming experiences as well. Email me at info@redefiningstrategy.com, using "Game Project" in the subject line. Also, please include your financial requirements/expectations. Cheers!