Hello... / by Cristian Mitreanu

…and welcome! As you already know, my book "Spointra and the Secret of Business Success" is now available at Spointra.com. It is based on the fundamental theory of business launched at BizBigPic.com in August 2006. However, the book presents the theory in a highly simplified and entertaining manner -- you should check it out.

In addition to the book, I wanted to launch a blog that will provide additional value to the BizBigPic community. So, here’s Picture001. Guided by the fundamental theory of business (we are still open for name suggestions), which can be discussed on the main site at BizBigPic.com, Picture001 will provide a more detailed take on the business big picture. Some of the topics that will be covered include concepts, semantics, and trends. I hope you will enjoy it.

Note: This blog is a reincarnation of the section called "Bits of Thought" that appeared on RedefiningStrategy.com in 2004-2005. Unfortunately, at the time, there were other priorities topping our agenda. So, after months of "under construction" status, the section was finally taken down.