Give Your Company an Edge! / by Cristian Mitreanu

A new workshop on my theory of needs is now available. Here is the mailer (without the fancy formatting) that I've been sending out to various companies:



...And one should not treat it as such.

Every company must be customer-centric. No matter how loosely we define the term, the heart of any business is about customers and their needs. If a company's product or service wouldn't address a customer's need, then there wouldn't be a transaction. And if there is no transaction, there is no business.

The belief that being customer-centric is a strategy, and thus something that only some companies should do, is not only false, but also dangerous. A sound understanding of the customer's needs enables a company to identify its opportunities and threats. Unfortunately, the fact that it is possible for a company selling commoditized offerings to perform satisfactorily by simply mimicking its competitors continues to fuel this misconception. And that is a direct result of the decades-old stagnation of our general understanding of business, and ultimately our understanding of human nature.

This state of affairs is about to change, however. A new, revolutionary theory of human needs has been recently introduced in Cristian Mitreanu's article "A Business-Relevant View of Human Nature." It is a theory that, compared to others, "provides an even deeper understanding of human nature, showing how human issues, or needs, are interrelated. Furthermore, it allows for identification of the basic forces that shape the dynamic business world." Simply put, the new theory deepens our understanding of innovation and commoditization, and the way they shape the business landscape.


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